Hundreds of rowers and traditionally decorated boats on a parade along the Grand Canal celebrating the festa del remo of the Serenissima.  Fierce the competitions of the “Schie”(the youngest to compete) and the “gondolini”, inflaming the public gathered along the shores. At the “Machina” authorities and politicians, including the Ukrainian and Japanese ambassadors. 

First, the magnificent historical parade on the Grand Canal, with boats dating back to the 16th century and participants wearing ancient historical costumes. Then, the most famous rowing competition of the whole year. Today in Venice the traditional Historical Regatta, an event that continues to be one of the most important and awaited in the city. Youngsters, women, men and university students joined the eight different categories of the Regatta, competing one against the other along the most famous waterway and renewing, once more, a tradition that dates back to the XIII century, recalling the Serenissima golden ages.

The highlights of this crucial sport and cultural event were live on Rai 2 channel and on Radio Venezia FM 92.4.

Thousands of people gathered along the shores and on the terraces of ancient venetian palaces to watch the race whilst on the “Machina” at Ca’ Foscari, where the finish line was placed, politicians and local authorities welcomed the winners of each category. Venice, the city of peace, also welcomed the Ministry of University and Research Maria Cristina Messa, the Ukrainian ambassador in Italy Yaroslav Melnyk, who brought back the Ukrainian flag. A long and warm applause welcomed Melnyk, followed by the Japanese ambassador in Italy, Hiroschi OE.

An heartfelt edition joined by young athletes, a sign that underlines the special bond this city and its citizens have with water. Many children and youngsters: 10 crews of “schie” (the youngest to compete until 10 years old), 10 crews of “maciarele junior” (until 12 years old) and 19 crews of “maciarele senior” (until 14 years old). 80 the young athletes that competed. Throughout the Historical Regatta, other young participants joined the competition. 10 crews of “giovanissimi su pupparini a due remi” (including reserves), 9 crews of “caorline”, 10 crews of women (including reserves) that competed on board of the new “mascarete” launched few days ago by the Municipality of Venice. Last but not least, 10 crews of men (including reserves) competed on the “gondolino”. The 18th universities competition on board of the galeoni saw the IUAV and Ca’ Foscari rowing against Harvard, Wien and the Warwick University along a 750 meters long race from Rialto to Ca’ Foscari.

“This year the Historical Regatta welcomed many children and teenagers. They are future venetian citizens and are now proving how alive this city is. A city that lives in the present and that is preparing its young generations for a future version of itself – claimed the Mayor Luigi Brugnaro “I am moved while  saying that this year the Ukrainian ambassador Melnyk has given us the flag representing the city of Odessa, sent by Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov with whom Venice has been twinned on the occasion of the Sensa”.

Among the fun facts that characterized the Historical Regatta, the “Maria del Carnevale 2022” Alice Bars represented Caterina Cornaro with the Doge on the historical parade. Moreover, 63 colorful boats, a special “caorlina” carrying Calcio Venezia football players and a “balotina” entirely dedicated to Costantino Reyer, founder of the basket team. Several peculiar boats flowed along the Grand Canal. Among the most famous “Lucia”, the hull with a flat bottom, famous for the betrothed events at the Lake Como. According to the legend, on board of this boat Manzoni imagined the escape from Pescarenico of Lucia Mondella and Renzo Tramaglino.