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Now you're in Venice! Venice is a city where you can take a stroll on foot.

You'll get to know all of its out of the way and unusual nooks and crannies, perhaps far off the more beaten paths. Distances are short: get a map of the city, but don't bother to get "lost" in the back streets, bridges and campi (squares) that make up the real Venice..

Yellow signs, usually on the wall of a corner building, will direct you to the major spots.

Keep right when walking in the city street. Never stop on bridges.

Do not be bewildered by "acqua alta" (flooding) : you can still visit the city by using the wooden walkways.

For information, visit the website of the Centro Maree (Tide Forecasts and Reporting Centre) or call 041.2411996. 

To enjoy a virtual vist of Venice and find information relating to tourist attractions, consult the Interactive map of the City of Venice.

You can visit Venice by entering an address, a place or the itineraries of Accessible Venice - barrier-free routes

You can search for a point of interest (churches, museums, parking areas, etc). of Venice historical city, the mainland and the islands: an information sheet will show you a photograph, a description and the information to contact or visit the site.

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