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Road and water-based public transport services in Venice are managed by the ACTV - Public Transport.

For more information on timetables and routes, contact the Hello Venice service on (+39)-041-2424 or visit the site

Not all urban bus lines have facilities for transporting the disabled. 

There is, however, a "Bus Facile" (Easy Bus) service which guarantees that all urban bus routes operated by lines 2, 4, 4/, 5, 6/ and 15, 24, 31, 32, 80, 80H, H1, H2  (covering a large part of the mainland and guaranteeing a connection with Venice) operate with buses with low floor and pull-out platform.

Bus Facile - Easy bus

The City of Venice and ACTV have introduced the new Bus Facile bus stop in Piazzale Roma to help disabled people get off buses. At the request of disabled passengers buses heading for Piazzale Roma will stop in the SITA bus bay before proceeding to the end of the line. 

The bus stop, which is identified by special markings on the road and on bus stop signs, can be requested by disabled people only, either by pressing the button or asking the driver. The bus stop can only be requested to get off. This experimental project also comprises three safe pedestrian crossing points with thermoplastic plastic paving surfaces. The crossings have been equipped with two traditional audible signals (warning-danger), as well as with a new raised paving which will help the visually impaired pedestrian maintain the right direction. Thanks to to these improvements, visually challenged people who get off at the Bus Facile bus stop can now safely reach the ACTV ticket points and piers, or the Papadopoli gardens in the opposite direction.

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