The traditional blessing ceremony of the gondolini and the presentation of the crews participating in the 2023 edition of the Historical Regatta, took place this afternoon, in Campo della Salute.

After parading in a colorful procession down the Grand Canal, which started from the Erbaria in Rialto, the athletes competing in the historic event were welcomed in Campo della Salute by the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, and the councilman delegated to the Protection of Traditions, Giovanni Giusto. Also present at the ceremony was the sole director of Vela Spa, Piero Rosa Salva.

“Congratulations to all the athletes, both those who qualified and those who failed to do so but fought anyway,” said Mayor Brugnaro. “We want the passion this city has for the sea and for rowing to be transmitted to the world through the Historical Regatta as well. That is what this historic tradition is all about. Happy Regatta to all.”

Renewing thanks to the athletes was Councilman Giusto: “You are at the forefront of what is the spearhead of a history that has never ceased and lives on thanks to the passion of all Venetians. You athletes are an incentive for the new generations. Thanks to the women’s category, the Giovanissimi and the new recruits who have entered this world, Schie and Maciarele. It is a world that is confirmed every year with your participation,” he concluded by addressing the athletes.

After the presentation of all the crews participating in the different regattas, with the handing over of the colored sashes, the moment of the blessing of the gondolinos took place, imparted by Don Enzo Piasentin, Spiritual Father of the Patriarchal Seminary of Venice. The event was accompanied by the Serenissima Choir, which performed a repertoire of traditional Venetian songs.